Top 5 Questions to ask when selecting heatmap vendors

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Just realized I've not been writing anything since I switched to my new job, almost half a year already! There has been lots of new challenges in my new role, one of my recent challenge is to support on page level analysis for several existing clients - instead of simply reporting the most popular pages, also.

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Overview on mobile apps analytics

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  We've all been doing web analytics for years, and we all kind of heard of all the big names like Omniture, Web Trends, or at least, Google Analytics. We are also very familiar with all the web analytics metrics: page views, bounce rates, etc. But what about mobile apps analytics? In this post I'd like.

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Tracking hotel booking engine

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I've been working with lots of hotel clients during my time in digital agencies. I've seen home grown hotel booking forms, 3rd party booking engines (aka OTAs) like Synxis, and I myself even built one web booking engines which directly interfaced with some backbone hotel reservation systems. In this post I want to.

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Measuring page engagement by learning scroll behaviour

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Remember years ago we consider having content 'below the fold' (i.e. content that only visible when user scroll) is evil and designers and even your mum tell you to put everything important 'above the fold'. However, because of all the nice parallax scrolling effects (like this) and smartphone usage, long scrolling page is back!! We.

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